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Saturday, March 22, 2003

you know what would make this war? if one of Bush's daughter's (that blonde one) and one of Saddam's sons (the crazy one), despite cultural and age differences, despite the terrible war between their two countries, and even despite the deep hatred between their fathers, fell madly in love with each other. not really torn between any kind of loyalty, they would commit unspeakable acts of treason or patricide for their love, thus unintentionally saving the world from ruthless, power hungry, vengeful dictatorships in their own selfishness. then their story would be made into a tv movie called A Conflict to Love, or More Than a Gulf Between Them: The Jenna and Uday Story. and afterwards, maybe Jenna would set Barbara up with Qussay. Saddam and Bush would be super pissed off, assuming they made it through the patricide.

maybe I should give up on writing and go into tv movies. they seem rather lucrative.

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