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Monday, March 17, 2003

what's on in the background: When Diplomacy Fails on abc

sounds like a failed fox show. there should be video clips of the bush monkey getting a bat to his hoohah or him falling down the stairs of air force one with added cat screeches and zips n' zings.

we're going to war now. the last time this happened, I was in high school performing sketches of the then new america's funniest home videos in french, and the only time we talked about the war was in social studies. things were so much more simple and innocent then. this time around though, we don't have a general with a good ass-kicking name. I could see us winning a war with general schwartzkoff. sargeant slaughter. another good name. but general tommy franks? we're not winning any wars with that name.

does this mean wolf blitzer is going to make a comeback? now, that was a great name. you can't tell me he was born with it. I won't believe you.

why am I so worried? is anyone else?

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