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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

things that made me laugh this week:

"Can I write check?"

shizzolating cnn and turning a headline that read "Protect Your Home and Your Car From The Weather" into "Pro'tect Yo Crib 'n Yo Hooptie From Da Elementz"

a fan shouting "THAT'S WHY YOU FUCKING RULE!" loud enough to be clearly heard over a crowd of several hundred after Glen Phillips paused to tune his guitar saying, "Oh, that's why I can't tune my guitar, I was looking at the wrong thing."

hearing but not seeing a cartoonlike stampede behind me and realizing it is new cat monkey chasing sammy from one end of the apartment to the other.

horrified friends e-mailing me to sign a petition to save the poor bonsai kittens from the atrocities that only humans can think up to torture poor defenseless animals. Let me say this: I love bonsai kittens. The grey ones are the best. In fact, I'll have a pic of bonsai Sammy soon.

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