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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

just got back from 3 weeks in the third world. I didn't have an internet connection pretty much the whole time so basically, I was disconnected from my world. while I was gone, Toad the Wet Sprocket decided to get back together for a tour, Nell Carter died, couples I know broke up, strange couples got together, friends got into graduate schools, friends didn't, I missed a chance to see a live Something Corporate show and interview the members for blogcritics, boring Francie got popped in the head, a space shuttle was lost and astronauts died, the country went up to code orange, bonsai kitties are making a comeback, and kathy lee gifford's dog got eaten by coyotes. what a fucking weird month to miss. who knows what else I haven't heard. time to go to work. I am so fucking jetlagged. my head feels like it's trying to spin 12 hours ahead of me.

boring and nonboring pictures from my trip may be seen here.

blogging to: "Scorpio Rising" - Death in Vegas
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