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Wednesday, January 08, 2003


Acme Underground - Jambalaya
Hog Pit - Shepard's Pie
Monster Sushi - Tempura Soba and that other soup thing that's not sukiyaki
Marumi - Avo-Salmon Salad
Cafe Pane e Chiocolatto - Ravioli in meat sauce
Outback - Wings, Cheese Fries
Asia de Cuba - Tuna Tartare
Nobu - Miso Cod, Sashimi Salad
Pluck U - Wings
Chat N Chew - Macaroni and Cheese, fried cornmeal oysters
Baja Fresh - Ultimo Steak Burrito, no onions, no sour cream
Crepes to Go - Banane et Nutella Crepe
Peter Luger - Porterhouse, Pecan Pie with shlag
Yet to be found - Good Penne al Vodka
popcorn necklaces and macaroni pictures

these are all very good things.

I am very hungry. Can we go to these places soon? You may sign up in the comments section.

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