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Monday, January 06, 2003

highlights and lowlights

so, leaving DC to continue on to Miami, I drew the short straw and and ended up driving through the state for lovers, as it proclaims itself. made the decision to take 295 around Richmond, as the signs told me to, and just as I was reaching 95, a motherfucking pig pulled me over. I should have smelled him a mile away, the porker. the virginian ham gave me a ticket for RECKLESS driving. wtf?!? because I was going 83 mph. 83. 83. what the fuck is that all about. I was so pissed off. the court date is scheduled for end of jan. if it weren't all the way in VA, I would so fry that bacon's ass. so on the way back through VA, I then noticed all VA drivers were going the speed limit and only out of state drivers dared to drive at normal speeds in the passing lane. reckless. argh. virginia is SO not for lovers.

and South of the Border in S. Carolina... does anyone know what that is all about? a shadier place I have never encountered. we stopped there to get gas and seemed dangerously close to being mugged and lynched the whole time. we tried to get powerball tickets there too but were run out the liquor slash tourist store by a 90 yr old sheriff.

and beside the blizzard of rain we encountered for 400 miles, the drive was not bad overall.

Miami was Miami as usual. the seaquarium was like a fun class trip, both PG and Mel came. I think it's time the aquarium fetish ends though - 4 different aquariums in one year is strange when you're not a marine biologist. plus, when you're like, oh, another dolphin, great - you've def overdone it. and I just felt bad for the killer whale they had there. poor lolita. even though she has a permanent smile on her face, you just know she's not smiling on the inside.

I'm thinking staying at home for new year's next year is probably a good idea. sure I had a great time at the Rusty Pelican. we were all double fisting our drinks (as the lines for open bar were ridiculous). you know you were having a good time when everyone has a drink in each hand in every picture. however, being hungover for 2 days is not much fun. maybe I'm just getting old. I dunno. wasted my last day in miami in bed watching bad movies and passing out every hour. blech.

saw two towers again after leaving nemesis (read the link) disgusted with ourselves and decided to sneak into LOTR to make ourselves feel better. i love two towers. the only thing I have in my life to look forward to, now that the giants are out of the running, is seeing return of the king. then my life will be complete.

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