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Thursday, January 16, 2003

happy birthdays

Anna and I have known each other since the 5th grade. that was a LONG time ago....15-16 years. jesus fucking christ. and of all the people I've met in that time, she is still one of the coolest and bestest people I know. we don't get to hang out as much now that we're older (I'm lazy and stay at home all the time while she is busy chasing after fresh off the boat, barely legal boys) but whenever we do get together and talk, no one makes me laugh harder than her. that's in part because she lives in the twilight zone and is a crazy (noun, not adj) magnet, but also because she is such a funny girl. in fact, because she lives in the twilight zone and because she's so funny, when I get back from my world travels, we are going to sit down and write a book of her crazy stories and I will finally acheive literary fame albeit that of trendy helen fielding/nanny diaries fame. so not only will she be my good friend but she will also my cash cow. moo. cha-ching!

Kulaya, in the 6th grade before I really knew her, was the coolest girl in the grade. she was older, taller, wiser, and had a boyfriend/chauffeur! then we became friends and have been together through thick and thin. and though we've grown up, she is still cooler, older, wiser, has a different bf/chaffuer, but I am taller! in the days before the internet became a staple, we would chat on the denver freenet into the wee hours of the morning, griping about everything and everyone - even though we only lived 4 minutes away from each other. and now, we still chat at 3 in the morning on instant messenger, griping about everything and everyone. some things never change.

I love these girls. happy birthday to 2 of my oldest friends (even though anna is younger than me!) - anna and kuls! happy birthday chickies! we're going to take them pottery painting saturday morning and then stuff our faces with foods yo momma wouldn't let you eat - just like the good ole days. wow, we are freakin' old!

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