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Sunday, December 22, 2002

I wanted to drive with greg and jenny to see christmas lights tonight but we didn't on account of us needing to wake up early in the morning to leave. so, I'm off tomorrow! the mixes are done and ready. I am almost packed. the sammy cat will be missed something terrible. first stop will be in dc to visit some badass mofos. I might get to update the blog if I'm loser enough. then we will continue for about 13-16 (depending on who's driving - of course 13, if it's me) straight hours of driving to celebrate xmas in the oppressive humidty and heat of mee-ahm-mee. mee-ahm-mee, where the closest thing I'm going to get to having a white christmas is me overnuking my matzo ball soup and exploding the matzo ball into tiny fluffy pieces spattered all over the window of the microwave. it's weird when people are jealous of you for going someplace warm for the holidays when all you are is jealous of them staying in New York. happy christmas, harry. happy christmas, ron.
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