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Thursday, December 12, 2002

H O L Y S H I T - lookee what I made!

wow, ok, I haven't updated this in a while. that's because all this time, well, most of it, was spent making this:

stats: motherfucker is almost 7 feet long, 6.5 inches wide, contains at least 461 70-stitch rows, and consists of 4 balls of yarn.

and when you're making one of those, it's very difficult to type blog entries or anything for that matter. can anyone believe I made this? I can't. *I* actually made something that resembles something other than knots. it's got tons of those though plus many mistakes. so the story is that I wanted to finish my piece of spirit for the 2002 army-navy game in time for the actual game since last minute on tuesday, irene and I decided to get tickets as the game was being held at giants stadium. never having knit before, I stole this pattern from this girl who makes awesome looking hogwarts scarves and started a frenzy of knitting on wednesday. after many, many mistakes and frantic calls to jennifer, my knitting guru, I managed to finally get on with something that actually resembled a scarf. after getting the knitting down, I was able to calculate that it would take me 63 hours to finish the damn thing, which I later revised to 38 hrs as I started improving and I knit a little faster. late Thurs night, I realized it would be impossible to completely finish by the game so I decided to stay up the entire night knitting to get it at least in wearable shape. thus began a long night of listening to fast music, eating sugary foods at regular intervals, and when the sun came out, periods of staring at the sun to keep my eyes open. then I had to work, which was very painful. that night, I stayed surprisingly awake, knitting, of course, and retired at a decent time so that I could enjoy the game in a non-zombielike state.

The Game

the game rocked, for the most part. five of us set off for the stadium bundled up to the extreme. I wore the scarf, which was about 3/4 done at that point, and was badgered by some pro-army fans to whom I had proper pro-navy responses to. good start. the weather was crisp and clear. luckily, we sat on the sun side of the stadium and didn't have to endure the biting cold so much. we missed the west point march on but who cares. and alas, the leapfrogs and knights didn't parachute the game ball in because of wind conditions (I maybe felt a slight breeze that morning - which leads to some concerns about how windy or windless afghanistan/iraq may be. yeah, yeah, I know, unnecessary risks. whatever.) but we got to see helo and jet flybys, hilarious spirit spots made by the students, and navy annihilate army 58-12. lord, my scarf is lucky. at first, it was fun with navy making all those touchdowns, but in the end, as it was never a close game, it became rather unexciting and then embarrassing and many army fans began to leave the stadium. so in the spirit of fairness, I don't know if I will attend too many of these games in a row with my scarf. maybe just in 2003... eugene told me that I can use the scarf for UC Berkeley games as well, and I figure UMich and I found UWV too but we all know it's an annapolis scarf through and through.

go navy! beat army! 2003

football IS fun. but just in person.
also, knitting is not so bad, and actually, a very social activity.
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