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Friday, December 20, 2002

expectactions be damned! fourteen of us took up the entire row and even the smell of vomit that permeated the theater disappeared. I loved the two towers and I'm heartily glad of my decision to not read the books beforehand. they say tolkein's prose is not so great anyway. ah, the elf, the battle scenes, the elf throwing himself on the horse, pitiable gollum, closeups of the elf... the only bad thing - that whole dwarf tossing bit. that was kind of weird. anyway, thanks to josh, I know what wasn't in the film that was in the book and what was in the film that wasn't in the book. I don't know if it was the epicness of the movie but strangely, coming out of the theater, I started to feel this weird sense of dread which pretty much lasted the whole way home and into my dreams at night. I guess also while watching the movie, I realized that I'd never get to see this movie for the first time again and that kind of made me sad... it's always sad that you can't watch or listen to anything for the first time again. it's just not the same.

me and the boy are leaving for FL sometime this weekend. it's not right to be in 80 degree weather on Christmas, I think. I should be in my winter coat with a scarf wrapped around my face, surrounded by pine trees and falling snow. sigh. I figured we need at least 30 cds to cover the distance and I've made about 7 so far:

Beach Boys/Beatles - the best of
oldies folksies - Dylan, etc
no respect guilty pleasures - yes, there's a J Lo song on it - I'm sorry!
the North Carolina mix - ath, mike, etc...
+/- '70s - everything from Pink Floyd to disco
disney/musicals - prince ali, might is he ali ababa to i've got a rock, I've got a big ass rock and absolutely no rocky horror
turn off the lights - some tori amos, triphop, a little bit of this, a little bit of that

there are still hundreds of songs I need to form into mixes somehow...gah...

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