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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

weekends are way too short. good thing t-day vaca is only a daaaaaaaay aaaaaaa-waaaaaaaaaaaay! Annie's got some awesome tunes.

so on sunday jennifer and I came up with an awesome idea for xmas presents for everyone. we are so fucking brilliant. of course I almost spilled the beans like 50 times because apparently, all of the sudden, I've developed a ginormous mouth that won't shut the fuck up. i was yapping away all weekend to anyone and everyone who crossed my path. jennifer bore the brunt of it but she got even with me by taking up most of the bed when she slept over. so tomorrow, before emma's bday party, I'm going to run down to some [word deleted] stores to pick up some [word deleted] for the presents. yes, wonder. wonder away. I shall not rrrrreveal (that rrrr means the r is rolled) a thing until the time is right. just make sure I don't talk to any of you anytime before xmas.

xmas came early for me this year. my dad got me a gift certificate for the sharper image from his VISA rewards program. he really meant for me to buy myself a vacuum cleaner because I am always complaining about having to wipe the floors with sheets of bounty. but upon inspection of the sharper image's 2 vacuum cleaners, I decided I didn't want to waste the money on a $400 hypoallergenic (anyone who's allergic to vacuums clearly shouldn't be operating one) which the gc doesn't cover anyway or on a robot vacuum that dances. what genius came up with that. so, instead, I got myself something more essential than a clean apartment, a pocket-sized dig cam. it's wearable! this thing is seriously brilliant and it doesn't even feel like it's going to instantly snap in half when you touch it (even though it looks like it will). elphs, kiss my ass. although it's pretty sturdy, I'm still in constant fear that I will inadvertedly totally smash it into pieces, so I'm totally giving it the royal treatment - like it's a palm-sized newborn baby made of porcelain and eggshells. oh well, we'll see how it fares. i totally don't need the cam but I absolutely love it. see, all I need are material things. instahappy! my dad's the bestest. and I even had enough money left over to get him a corkscrew set which he was absolutely thrilled with. seriously, if you could have seen the smile that lit his face when he effortlessly opened a bottle of Lucas with it, it would have brought a tear to even your cynical, cynical eye. ah, there's nothing like furthering your old man's dangerous descent into alcoholism. i'm such a good daughter.

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