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Monday, November 18, 2002

I am shallow. I am probably more shallow than the average shallow person. I like material objects. I like receiving them, buying them, owning them. owning material things makes me happy. more material posessions = happier me. almost as much as receiving and owning, I do like giving material objects as presents. however, if I really had to choose, I suppose I would rather have than give. afterall, if I have enough things, I'm sure I can throw you a bone or two after I've grown tired of something. I am shallow, and selfish.

there, I said it.

having said that, I really hate this girl. she made over $13,000 online appealing to anyone and everyone to save her from her credit card debt. why didn't I think of this first? I can't decide though if she's really smart or really stupid. making $13,000 online doing nothing would signify that this is a very brilliant, sly girl. however, remarks like these below on her website (Karyn's pearls or the Tao of Karyn, as I call them), make for a great case that she has the intelligence of an oxygen deprived toy poodle. All these are from the Daily Buck pages of her website.

"I lived a great, fun life being frivolous. I have memories, just like this purse, that I will have forever. So when I part with things like this, I need to remember and distinguish that I'm not parting with the memory, but with the purse. There's a big difference."

"Okay dude, here's your enlightenment... What I have to say is ewwwww.... I'm glad I'm not as pessimistic as you!"

"A computer is an important part of life, and one should not be without one. I keep getting emails from people that are like, "Duh, sell your laptop to pay off your bills!" I'd rather sell my couch to be honest. A computer is a necessary part of being a human in today's society. I cannot live without one. It's kind of like undereye cream. It's something that everyone needs."

"Like a pair of Prada shoes for $100, some things in life are just too good to pass up."

so brilliant, yet, so not.

(greg says that karyn's pearls are actually funnier when I read them aloud with in a lispy, ditzy but highfalutin-girl accent. so as you read them, imagine them in your head being read in a lispy, ditzy but highfalutin-girl accent)

(btw, highfalutin is my word, not greg's)

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