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Monday, November 11, 2002

hmm, irene (who was sober) says she didn't think any of us were all that drunk friday night...at all. even from my drunken standpoint, I think we were all pretty shitfaced and giggly all night. in fact, I couldn't remember some of the conversations I had until I really thought about it the next day. hard. anyway, can anyone else give me a take on how drunk we all seemed? I would really appreciate it. just curious.

so this dilemma came up thursday night after seeing probably one of the worst bands I've ever had the misfortune to be stuck in a room with - who would I be to give a terrible review for a terrible show of a terrible band who happens to be friends with someone I know? of course the answer in this case is to abstain, even though I have a ridiculous plethora of things to say about them. (tyrannosaurus rex arms.) but what about reviewing a terrible band I don't have any connections to? I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings - they're people too. (people who can't sing.) they're just trying to make it, doing something they love doing. (learn to love something else that you don't have to subject other people too, at least so loudly.) I mean, maybe they need a kick in the butt to tell them to stop wasting their time. (and other people's.) maybe they need someone who can objectively tell them they don't have a chance. (in 7 hells.) sure it's fine if they just want to play because they love to but it's a problem if they're really looking to become the next big thing. (because if they do, I will be the next President of the United States.) what it comes down to is if someone doesn't have what it takes (rhythm, song writing abilities, any musical talent), is it right to criticize their dreams and efforts?

good thing no one really reads this (especially those assoicated with said hypothetical terrible band I have absolutely no connections to).
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