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Thursday, November 21, 2002


review of Tuesday's show coming shortly.

I give Aaron props for choosing Helene; however, I doubt it will work out in the long run. but she sure is pretty.

nanowrimo? more like nocanwrianymoplease.

I am NOT DJ Scribbles or Skribe. Although, I have to say, Skribe does have that je ne sais quoi coolness in written form. hmm....

Eugene is officially DJ NO. homz, for short. and Phil is pooter. pooter, you da man.

Lord of The Rings - you all fell asleep, what up with that? props to me and Greg - we saw ALL the new scenes. is it too early to get our Two Towers tickets?

I don't know what is up with this props shit.

are we going to see 8 Mile again or what?

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