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Thursday, October 10, 2002

stella stella bo bella

it started off slow, there wasn't nearly enough mike showalter or david wain, and michael ian black didn't even bother to show! :o but joe lo truglio did!!! as did Enis (dance, dance enis, dance). we discovered two new comics (one who made an awesome diarrhea joke - "I've been smuggling diarrhea across the border from Mexico - up my ass." there's just something about poo....), and janeane garofalo was her clever, intelligent, witty self. so me, v, and greg are going to get there super early next week to see the last show of this season!! whee! it's nice to have compatriots again. there's just this immediate bond, a real connection, that forms between people who share the same sense of humor, at least my sense of humor (strange or odd, sometimes dark, some people call it warped but i don't agree, I would say a little nerdy, and of course silly), that's so strong and lasting and you definitely know there is this potential to have an amazing friendship. i really like that. the sames goes for music too usually. the short didn't disappoint, nothing burned into my mind this time, but not much beats michael ian black holding a cat by the scruff of its neck saying "look, I found a kitty" in his best michael ian black voice. not bad for $10.

there are new pics up from the mars global surveyor! we now have over 100,000 images up of mars. does anyone find this amazing anymore? it's fucking mars, people. we have pictures of mars - over 100,000 of them. mars - a whole other planet. at its closest, mars is 35 MILLION miles away from us (the circumference of our planet - earth - is 25,000 miles - do the math). MARS. what's wrong with you people? god, you're all so jaded.

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