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Saturday, October 26, 2002

questions i have no answer to and how I answer them in my head while I give the inquirer a blank stare

you write? what novel would you recommend as the quintessential and definitve literary experience?
what a pompous and redundant question. anything I write, of course.

we haven't seen each other in months. so, how's your life been?
the long answer: it depends. what is life? (long, ponderous pause.) the short: not really interesting, I guess, especially since I'm stuck here with you and getting asked questions like that.

hey, I see you're wearing a NYU sweatshirt - did you go to NYU?
yes. I've also attended the United States Naval Academy, Brown, Cornell, and Old Navy Univeristy. I also played varsity co-ed naked twister and lacrosse.

are you listening to me?
i like beer.

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