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Friday, October 25, 2002

oooh, ireeeeeene! she got me all into wanting to dress up for halloween this year. I hadn't planned on doing anything although I had been toying with the idea of getting all punked out. however, after musing on that for a while, I started thinking, what if real punk kids see me, see through the sham, and start throwing collars, studs, spikes, whatever they can get their grubby leather covered hands on, at me? so then i bought a double row spiked leather bracelet at st mark's since we were passing through anyway (I've always secretly wanted one I suppose). to make up for actually paying st marks tourist prices for it, I will endeavor to wear it every day for a while no matter what it rips to shreds. so then ray tried on a jedi robe at ricky's and reminded me of how much (so, so, SO badly) I wanted padme's battle outfit from attack of the clones. at this moment, I can honestly say there is nothing (materialistally) I desire more in this world. my entire being yearns for her clingy white silver arm banded hip holstered funkyass beige booted getup with the cape. I SOOOOOO want it. I should have stolen it while it was at the Brooklyn museum. wtf was I thinking? so I just spent the last hour looking for that damn costume online and the closest I could get to it was this travesty. blech. she looks like a 2001 space odyssey reject. i'm even entertaining thoughts of making my own padme costume (a seriously dumb idea, the dumbest of all my dumb ideas recently) which is ultimately doomed to fail since I seriously suck at sewing and will just end up sobbing in a heap of shredded white cloth and twisted aluminum bands. good job, irene - this is all on you.

coming soon - a rant!
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