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Friday, October 04, 2002

ok, trying not to let feelings of anxiety interfere with daily activities. must forget that I need to finish a 75,000 word manuscript by December, at least until monday. remind self it's a good thing to have joined nanowrimo to help with the writing of the 75,000 word manuscript. remember that 5000 words are already written and not start panicking after realizing that is only 1/15th of entire novel, not including time needed for editing and revision. try to forget all the time spent rewriting entire scene from different point of view and also stop thinking of other manuscript would much rather be writing than this one. must enjoy weekend... weekend will be fun...drinking tonight for Larry's birthday, possible comic strip live show, saturday with old high school friends, sunday photo session in the city, shopping, fondue and possibly a red dragon... must forget about 75,000 words.

i want a polaroid.
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