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Monday, October 28, 2002

neato esposito

a bunch of us crashed a halloween mansion party sat night. ok fine, one of us used to date a friend of the guy who threw the party so technically it wasn't really crashing, I suppose. the best part of the night was actually getting there as the mansion was in the middle of nowhere (jersey). the roads were dark, creepy, and somehow familiar to Monica "you guys, I've been here before" and of course we got completely lost so I whipped out the ghost stories. really, the situation called for it. it's weird - I don't really like seeing horror movies much but I love situations where I get to scare myself and everyone around me silly - just like the time 4 of us spent 2 days in the haunted cabin in ithaca when I pointed out one corner of the room where a chair eerily stood by itself which even i belived a presence lurked there (one did, I swear) and that the roof was bleeding (it may have been rust, but it sure looked bloody to all of us). and how I thought about rearranging some chocolate bars we had thrown onto the table into satanic shapes (stacking also would have been effective) but didn't want to scare everyone too badly (including myself). anyway, so as we were driving to the mansion and while we were looking for a road, I started talking about how creepy children are when they whisper ("I see dead people" "everyone will suffer" "I am your daughter") and just then the car headlights lit up a road sign which totally thrilled me so I read it aloud - "childs lane" I said and we all started screaming (I think the blood curdling scream came from me). fun times.

the mansion was cool, my first time being in a lived in one. it looked a bit in disrepair but the party throwers did a great job of decorating the dance hall. the creepiest thing about it was that it had a tower room with lifesize portraits of the reagans where three asian boys in anime costumes were whispering and holed up with a camera. they told us to lock the door on the way out. when I am rich and powerful, I too will have a tower room with creepy lifesized portraits and whispering asian boys. my parties will blow away all other mansion parties.

my favorite moment: when a drunken fred complete with orange ascot (he looked more like fred than freddy prinze jr) came up to us while we were waiting in line for the bathroom and spent a long while asking us if we knew where the other bathoom was. "I don't know. why don't you get the rest of the scooby gang together and figure out the mystery of the other bathroom?" said greg. too bad it was after fred had left. had a very alias-like moment when in the bathroom. not seeing any hooks, I threw my faux fur coat down to the floor and proceeded to search the bathroom for toilet paper. crouched down on the floor and going through sink cabinet in my glam rock top and cat ears, it occurred to me suddenly that with the techno music pulsating in the background, I ought to be searching for secret documents, and not ones I could wipe my ass with. finding toilet paper brought me back to reality as I had to do the thing I went into the bathroom with the intention of doing - very UN-alias like.

I stole pocketfuls of candy on the way out for wednesday's the bachelor party (mostly hershey's kisses and reese's peanut butter cups) - i'm sure I embarassed phyllis. at a mansion party you'd think there would be godiva truffles and belgium chocolates strewn all about. anyway, it was cool. you won't have lived until you've been to a mansion party. I pity all of you who will never get to attend one. I don't know how I will be able to attend normal parties from now on but I shall try.

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