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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

lemme tell you exactly how stupid those online “tests” are, aside from the obvious. I took one to determine how evil I was and I only scored 47%! Wtf is up with that. of course, the questions were ridiculous – the only reason why I failed to rate a higher score is because of the whole drug section. Like smoking cigarettes and doing illegal drugs makes someone evil. please. stupid, yes, evil, no. maybe I should make up my own evil test….hmm… yes or no, if at a concert and a woman in front of you is inconsiderately blowing smoke unapologetically into your face and holding the cigarette in such a manner so that it is 5 inches away from your nose and you end up sucking up all the smoke blatantly ignoring your polite request that she not smoke right next to you, would you jostle her cigarette arm when it is at the right angle so that the lighted end will ignite her overly hair sprayed coiffure and she will run away screaming in flames?
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