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Thursday, October 24, 2002

it's official. have regressed back to college dorm days. hosted a get together yesterday which ultimately became the first of weekly The Bachelor parties complete with cookie eating, pillow throwing, groaning at Bachelor's choices, and general feeling of embarrassment for womankind. however, I think now that The Bachelor has pretty much weeded out the basketcases and rabbit killing psychotics, the show just won't be as morbidly fascinating anymore. last night's show was pretty dull after he sacked looney tuney crazy christy but thankfully, alcohol alleviates dullness. what's it like to be the perfect man statistically and to be SO frightfully dull and stupid about women at the same time? trying to answer that question is what's keeping me watching the show now.

I wish I could get people over for Anna Nicole get togethers. I supposed I could rope them in with Alias but damn The Practice. I hate law shows. Law shows = SNORE. my viewing choices of tv shows has gone waaaay downhill. for some reason, I can only watch shows that make me laugh out of embarrassment for people now, ER excluded - because while I'm embarrassed for all the actors and writers on it, it's too fucking painfully boring to watch. so, what does this mean? what does it all mean?

the best thing about apartment get togethers - my apartment is never so clean any other time. ahhh. avoiding embarrassment is such a powerful motivational tool.

I want a Polaroid cam, damnit. can someone recommend a good one to me?
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