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Monday, October 14, 2002

I just saw Igby Goes Down and I absolutely loved it. It has just the right amount of quirkiness, sadness, hurting, darkness, and comedy. Maybe I’m just a sucker for quirky dysfunctional families and boarding school boys but I loved it. I even welled up a tad when Igby (played by a middle Culkin kid) flails at his newly dead mother’s body and cries. His performance was brilliant and what I got most out of the movie is that perhaps having children is not such a bad idea after all. Ok, that has nothing to do with the plot or the movie in and of itself but Mom and Pop Culkin sure are freakin’ brilliant. I mean think about it. Two, possibly lower middle class, nobodies with little to no talent (at least not profitable ones) breed a whole pack of munchkins, throw them into Hollywood and BAM, they have a brood of money making monkeys who also get them into A-list parties. It’s an absolutely fucking brilliant idea. Look at them, they had the home alone kid, a multimillion dollar investment right there, this middle kid who’s totally working the indie film circuit and a minimiddle Culkin who gets to play a younger version of the middle kid. Focking brilliant. Can they throw me a spare Culkin please? I'll take any of them so long as they don't have physical deformities or abnormalities that would hinder a film a career.

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