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Monday, October 07, 2002

the capt'n and me

because I've had the shits on and off for 2 weeks now, or maybe it's just because it always comes up in conversations between us for some reason or another, cause that's what it seems like, but Anna and I talked extensively for a good while about the dreaded D word this morning. Whenever I'm down, she regals me with hilarious anecdotes like the time, right in front of us, Sammy had an explosive d after I'd taken the top off the litter box so he left a nice brown blast radius on the white wall behind him in my room. Anyway, I decided to look up the brown online and found an amazing assortment of fecal related websites such as The Poop Report, the ever nauseating Rate My Poo, and other words for poop. So without further ado, I present to you a comprehenisve list of my favorite ways to say the trotskies (thanks Anna) because damnit, I don't think there's enough shit on the internet.

backdoor blast
backdoor trots
back way spray
blow mud
booty hole burnout
brown bubbles
Brownie batter
Bum gravy
Captain D
cha cha agua
colon blow
Delhi belly
Diarrhea cha cha cha
Drippy doo doo
drizzly shits
galloping trots
green apple spatters
green apple splatters
green apple squirts
Gut trot
Havana omelet
Hershey squirts
jalapeno tugboat ride
Johnny trots
Liquid bummer
Montezuma's revenge
Nestle’s splat
Percolating butt coffee
Rectal soup
red anal rovers
the runs
The schlitz
the shits
shooting soup
the slides
slippery poo
the squirts
summer complaint
supersonic sewer sauce
ten-twenties (10 seconds to shit, 20 minutes to wipe)
Toxic trots
Trouser chili
trout chili
turkey trots
the urgents
Vienna squirts
volcanic whoopies
wild butt

My favorites of all time have to be cha cha agua and captain D. Drippy doo doo and slippery poo are a close second. I saw a lot of references for the "Aztec two step" - I don't get that one. Can someone explain that to me? If I've let anything out, let me know. I need to get a life. OR, I need to stop procrastinating and start writing.
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