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Monday, October 14, 2002

can can you can do the can can

so over the weekend I got a new phone that I am absolutely in love with. It's the samsung a310 - it's sleek, it's futuristic, it lights up real purty. it makes greg's phone (a sprint samsung from a year ago that I previously thought of as a nice phone) look about 50 years behind. my new phone is the future. HOWEVER, there is one major problem with my beautiful phone. although it claims to have 21 rings (it does indeed have 21 sounds) none of them, not a single one, could ever be considered anything close to being a ring. each of these 21 "rings" is a melody. they range from suzuki method songs to tetris nintendo style tunes to old folk songs. AND THEY ARE ALL EMBARRASSING AND MORE THAN OBNOXIOUS. plus they make me sound super asian. in the beginning, I picked a final fantasyish tune (melody 16) which sort of sounds like what you would expect to be constantly playing in a japanese funeral parlor. however, whenever it went off, I thought that i was passing either a store playing music or a television set and only picked it up when reminded by my companions that the lovely background music was actually coming from me. drat. so recently, instead of feeling merely embarrassed by melody 16, i've decided to switch over to the easily recognizable hurried can can tune which in its hurriedness creates a false and comical sense of urgency for me to answer my phone, because while it still embarrasses me when it goes off, it at least amuses me as well as my friends to no end. aside from the rings, or lack of, i love my phone, really. it's the best one verizon has to offer, that I can afford.

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