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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

be still my heart

you know when you just absolutely fall in love and you can't get enough? i've fallen hard...for a song. it's got everything from betrayal to anger to loss. it's beautiful, it's haunting, it's tragic. i can't stop playing it. it makes me sad, it makes me happy, more importantly, it makes me feel. Mike Garrigan is a fucking genius. sometimes, for a moment (approx 4 min and 24 secs), I can believe all it takes is a single song to make me happy. October's a fucking good song too.

it's called Gravity Affects Me. you can download an acoustic version of it here.

a snippet:
"Now when I fly you’re not there to catch me
And I try but gravity affects me
I will die, the ground is rushing at me
Gravity affects me and nothing’s here to catch me"
- Mike Garrigan

I'm so happy - I'm going to get to hear it played live on November 19th at Arlene Grocery. I'm a lucky girl. I'll probably review the show for blogcritics too so stay tuned.

download it y'all and tell me what you think.

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