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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

are these colors obnoxious? I haven't decided yet. later, when I have time, I will work on the template. so this is my new blog. i decided to move from my old blog to this one because of a stalker (who's obviously never met me, because if you know me, you know there's nothing to stalk). i'm a little sad to leave the old site, perhaps I'll update it once in a while, but i couldn't get the archiving right on it anyway.

as for the name of this new site, it's sort of a nod to my asian-american heritage, although my friends would say that I'm hardly asian, sadly. but I was driving through flushing, queens, recently when I noticed the plethora of chinese owned businesses with oddish adjectives in their names like "meticulous cleaners," "wonderful chef," "gratifying corporation," "remarkable tailors." And I thought that is so freakin' chinese-american. so really what I am saying is not that I'm wonderful or anything, but that I am a chinese-american and that I suppose I'm a little oddish too.
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